Brigit's  1:1 mentorship sessions support a person to connect more deeply with their inner world, and the world around them.

Offering a kind and safe space to be seen and heard. To have honest, raw, heartfull conversations and to receive reflections, mirroring and questions. 

You will also be offered guidance and activities for you to do in your own time, that can help to strengthen your process.




1.5 hour sessions are offered via Zoom video.

Brigit offers these 1:1 sessions, with no commitment to have more than one session, but to go with your needs. 

The space is opened up for questions and an exploration of areas you would like to gain clarity / support on. 

All of you is welcome, no matter how your feeling or what's going on for you.

 A FREE one hour session is offered first, to allow both yourself and Brigit to see whether this will meet your needs and how you can work together. 



See below


Free Initial 1 hour online session

Online Mentorship and Guidance Session 1.5hrs


12 Month Mentoring Journey

No space available at the moment



If you have any questions, or are interested in booking a session, do get in contact. 





One to one in person sessions are not taking place at the moment.
Please check back soon if you're interested for the future, or get in contact with any questions you may have.

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