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Come home

You have got through all those heart crushing experiences.

So much trauma, it could have crumbled your bones.

Yet here you stand before me; beautiful and strong; awe inspiring.

But Im not so sure that you pulled yourself out and away from the wreckage whole.

It feels as though you left a piece of yourself in that place; cutting it away so you could run, closing your ears and heart to your own whispering cry’s of help.

And now there seems to be a slice down your middle,

a missing piece from your centre. Creating disharmony and uncomfortableness

within your very bones.

Perhaps it is time to stop your survival sprint, and put your hand on your heart.

Feeling into the places that are tender and torn away.

Gently pulling them out of the wreckage and into your flesh, your embrace.

Without harshness or self criticism, but instead, finding feelings of compassion and kindness for the lost and starved parts of you.

For this is how they come home, this is how you make what is broken, whole.

And taking your golden thread of care, that is contained within your sewing kit of recovery. Slowly stitch yourself together, singing the old songs of healing.

Reminding yourself, with each stitch; of the medicine woman within. Who turns the darkness into light, the wound into a gift, the death into rebirth.

As you whisper these stories of strength, courage and medicine deep into your fabric, you call yourself back, drawing your essence into the heart of you once more.

Teaching yourself how to love yourself, stitch by stitch.

• Art by Rovina Cai

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Just beautiful ❤️



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