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Herbal Bundles

One of the simplest things to make with beautiful smelling herbs is a natural incense in the form of a herbal bundle.

I gathered these herbs on the solstice, which is a wonderfully potent time to gather herbs.

I tied them together tightly with natural hemp string and I’ve hung this bundle up to dry. When it has totally dried out I will light it then blow it out and allow it to smoke and release the smells and medicine into the space.

This can cleanse a space, prepare a space, relax, cleanse and ground the body and mind. And has been done through many cultures in different ways with different native herbs across the globe.

In the uk and Europe this was done in homes and for ceremonies. Still now churches have taken on the tradition and often use incense made from tree resin.

It is a shame though, when some folks do this with herbs that are not from the land under their feet, instead buying in herbs that are sacred to another surrounding, and often grown or gathered in bad ways to mass market it to people longing for spiritual connection and tools.

White sage is one of the herbs that happens to in the UK, when actually we have so many beautiful and traditional herbs that can be used all around us.

In this bundle is mugwort, garden sage, lavender, rosemary, mint, rose, thyme, and Douglas fir, it smells so beautiful, like medicine gardens and forests combined.

You can also use just one herb if you prefer, as this gives a real in depth insight into the one plant.

Properties in this bundle-

Lavender; a sense of peace and relaxation.

Sage; cleansing and purification.

Mugwort; cleansing, protection, dream mind.

Rose; peace, heart centre and meditation.

Mint; cleansing, awakening

Douglas fir; cleansing, awakening, relaxing.

Rosemary; remembrance, cleansing, warming.

Not only is it yummy to smell it looks so beautiful.

You can also make small ones just to have in your car that creates nice smells just from being there or keep them next to your fire or on a shel for when you want to place a beautiful smelling bundle onto it, allowing it to release the earthy sweet smelling smoke.

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