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Nettle Seeds

Nettle seeds are a cupboard staple for me, and at this time of year (August) I begin my harvest and carry on throughout autumn, with the hope of having enough to last the year.

I use them to sprinkle on any meal, into smoothies or turned onto a tea or added to my seeded cacao balls.

I love nettle seeds, they are a restorative tonic and a potent adaptogen that helps the body uplift, strengthen and regain in energy.

Nettles and Nettle seeds greatly helped me, when I was tired to the marrow, my bones heavy and my heart and mind could not find inspiration in the world.

As a medicine these little tiny seeds help to balance out the stress response system.

They strengthen and nourish the adrenal glands and are full of minerals.

They are incredibly beneficial for the kidneys, literally feeding them with what they need.

With nettle seeds, you can gather them and dry them out. I take what feels right from one plant, but never strip a plant of all the seeds they posses.

Be aware of when the nettle is in seed and not flower.

The stem that has seeds on should hang down with heaviness and point earthwards, seeds should be plump, green/purple, not brown ( brown means they have gone too far).

When in flower they are fluffy and stems not pointing down.

Above photos are of Nettle flowers

Once gathered I lay them out in baskets or on paper or muslin cloth for a few days, and then I rub them through a sieve to release the seed from the small stem they are attached to.

Then I store them in a glass pot, close to hand so I remember to use them daily.

You can just eat them straight from the jar, or add them to your cup of herbal tea or sprinkle them on foods, or even grind them fresh or dried into a pesto with other seeds such as hemp, mixed with oil, garlic and greens/herbs.

You can also make a tincture from the fresh seed.

The fresh seed is more potent and has a more lively taste to that of the dried seed.

Some folks find the fresh seed too energy enhancing and prefer the more gentle effect of the dried seed.

I would recommend starting with a teaspoon a day and see how that makes you feel, you can slowly increase to 3 tablespoons a day. But with most things it’s best to start small and go slow, to allow the body space to tell you how things feel within.

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