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A small book of herbal medicine recipes for everyday life. 
Written by Brigit for Penguin Books, out in stores and online.

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Bloom and Thrive

From penguin random house - 'Worried about a big meeting? Can'tsleep? Low on energy? 

Discover the powerful herbs and flowers that can help you to live your best life. Learn which herbs and flowers will aid calm, happiness, boost energy and how you can work simple natural remedies into your daily routine. 

This is a down-to-earth, expert introduction to the life-changing powers of nature's potent remedies from forager, herbalist and wild plant medicine teacher Brigit Anna McNeill.'

Im so excited to to step into writing books and this is my first little book.

This is a compact small book that contains clear and in-depth instructions on how to make herbal medicine preparations. 

This book has a sections for every day

problems you may face in your life and what remedies you can make to support yourself, your friends or your family. 

Although this book contains no pictures, it is full of beautiful information and useful plant medicines to make your life feel balanced. 

You can buy this book online or in bookshops. 

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