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The pain of being unloved, not seen and unheard by our very own selves, echoes through our cells.

Some of us keep the pain in our hearts.

While others store it in their bones, their soul or flesh.

While some carry it in all these places.

This desire to be known and loved by our own heart for all that we are, when unmet, can crumble our bones, irritate the skin, numb the heart and depress the soul.

Our bodies were not meant to carry something so destructive; the hatred of our own selves.

Luckily the medicine we need is deep inside, under the distorted language and harmful beliefs, waiting to be touched, felt and reignited; the pull to grow well, to choose life and bloom.

It was always there, for it is what we are, what all of nature is.

We just learnt along the way, in this crazy modern human world, that we didn’t deserve to thrive, so covered it up under concrete and poison.

Yet there it is, our original knowing, breathing within, waiting to show you how to join life, how to become like a seed, a medicine plant.

By giving yourself kindness, one breath, one step at a time.

Finding how to pull away the concrete, by committing to listening openly and with tender care.

Swaping the poison for compost, letting yourself know, that you are there, that you are choosing to spit out the hatred and to instead, approach how to hold yourself in a new way.

• Art by Laura Lucia Ferrer Zamudio •


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