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Rose Cacao Balls

These are beautiful.

I wanted to make something that represented the beauty and smells of summer with the medicine of wild weeds.

Something that recreated, just a little bit, the memory of sitting outside my grandmothers cottage, surrounded by woodland, sweet peas, nettles and roses.

And so I found myself making these balls.

They are rose petal and nettle seed cacao balls.

All vegan, gluten free and processed sugar free.

Unfortunately I cannot give you the exact recipe as I made them in ‘a handful here a handful there’ type of way, with what I had in the larder.

But I can give you the general gist of it.

In the blender I whizzed up a cup to one and half cups of hazelnuts and pumpkin seeds with a couple of tablespoons of dried rose petals and some nettle seeds.

It’s up to you how many nettle seeds you add, as some folks get quite buzzy on them whilst others don’t have such an immediate impact, they also taste green and earthy.

I added about 6 teaspoons but you may want to add more or use less.

Then I added about a handful of dates, two big spoons of melted coconut oil, a big shake of cacao, around two tablespoons of creamed coconut, about a 1/4 - 1/2 cup rose water, add less to begin with as it can be too strong.

I blended again then put the mixture into a bowl, and rolled it into balls and put in the fridge for a couple of hours to Harden.

I then rolled the balls into rose powder, which is rose petals I’ve dried and then powdered, but you can also buy rose powder online or in herbal stores. I love using it for decorating puddings and chocolates.

Plant powders are amazing for so many things and quite easy to make.

These ended up really beautiful and tasty and had the effect I wanted, we have all enjoyed them, especially in the morning, like an uplifting cuddle.

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